The Bray Clinic of Natural Medicine established in February 2017, by Medical Herbalist Jonathan Roche.

The Bray Clinic facilitates patients recovery from illness both short and long term. It also helps people in their ongoing management of health, through treatment, consultation, prescriptions and food/ lifestyle advice. The clinic is a situated in the heart of Bray and has an on site Herbal pharmacy. The Bray Clinic treats diverse ailments seen in general practice as well as cases with unusual symptoms or ongoing suffering due to chronic illness such as arthritis, fatigue and digestive issues. Please check under the herbal medicine and the shiatsu headings for a list of conditions that respond well to these treatments. With a wealth of clinical experience, Jonathan is able to treat many conditions, naturally with herbal medicine, shiatsu or both systems together.

For more information call 01 5387500, send an email or meander around the site like nature there’s a lot to explore..

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Herbal Medicine

What is herbal medicine?

Herbal medicine is the method of treating disease in the body through the use of plant extracts either singly or in combination. It can be used to treat a single symptom or a variety of complaints, including complex and chronic conditions with overlapping symptom patterns. The medicines come from plants and are usually given in tincture form. These are liquid extracts of plants. herbal teas, creams and oils may also be prescribed. Herbal medicine has been effectively used for thousands of years. Even now, 50% of pharmaceutical medicines are derived from plants and up to the 1930's botany was a required subject whilst learning medicine.

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Shiatsu is a Japanese physical therapy sometimes called massage or Japanese physiotherapy. It was developed by blind people who were assumed to have a greater sense of touch due to loss of sight. As a technique it is adept at treating physical discomfort especially persistent joint problems or sensations that don’t go away. It uses gentle movement and stretches to rotate and release the joints, expanding their range of movement and creating space, where previously there had been tension and restriction. This space allows the blood and chi to move freely, renewing and restoring the previously constricted tissue. Once the free flow of blood and lymph returns to the joints, healing and renewal occurs naturally.

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Naturopathy blends all aspects of natural medicine looking at the cause of illness as well as the symptom patterns. Rooted in the tradition of herbal medicine, it also takes into account the most update scientific medical research. This allows a deeper understanding of your own health, which is then optimized through lifestyle adjustments and/or dietary recommendations, herbal medicine and specific body treatments such as shiatsu and aromatherapy.




acupressure bray clinic

Acupressure works like acupuncture but without the needles.It uses the same system of oriental medicine as its foundational theory. The points that are needled in acupuncture are used but blocks are removed by pressure applied by the practitioner using fingers, palms of the hand and sometimes elbows depending on location. Acupressure treats many conditions but is significantly effective at treating muscular and skeletal pain in the body. It is very useful where movement is impaired such as in the case of a stiff neck, frozen shoulder or tennis elbow.      >>Read More<<

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Bray Clinic of Natural Medicine

4 Fitzwilliam Terrace, Strand Rd, Bray, Co. Wicklow
01 5387500 - 086 819 1695

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