Back Pain

Back pain

Back pain is the single biggest muscular problem presenting medically worldwide. Similarly many people come to the clinic with back pain and shiatsu responds by reducing back pain, increasing movement and restoring function. The back is the largest joint in the body with 33 separate bones that form it, there is a lot that can be compromised with it. Shiatsu treats back pain by working on the muscles that hold the vertebrae in place, gently realigning them so that the body can resume its normal spinal function. The treatment also works on the meridian system, similar to acupuncture, restoring the energetic structure of the body, improving the flow of blood in and around the joints thereby reducing stagnation and pain.

To summarise shiatsu relieves back pain:

  • By improving the energetic structure of the body
  • Releasing muscular tension
  • Realigning the spine
  • Increasing vascular blood flow, decreasing inflammation, stagnation and pain